We recently caught up with Yash Sharma, international BA (Hons) Filmmaking student from India, about collaborating with students on our BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance course and how the University has helped them settle into living in the UK...

How does Leeds Arts University help you develop your skills and creative practice?

Leeds Arts University is a very socially active hub for arts. It gives me a sense of freedom to express who I am through my work and the constant support from people around keeps me salivating to improve upon the work I present, and for me that is very important. The extensive programme that the filmmaking course is and the equipment we have available to use adds to the joy of experimentation.

Film still: Courtesy of Yash Sharma

How has the University helped you to settle here?

Being an international student does bring culture shock and Leeds Arts University has helped me quite a lot during the pandemic. The social days set-up for international students and the meet and greets gives me a way to socialise and familiarise myself with my new and creative environment that I am constantly being exposed to.

Film still: Courtesy of Yash Sharma

What project are you currently working on and what’s involved? What have you learned?

Recently I have worked on a music video where I have had the pleasure to work with students from the BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance course. The beautiful work I feel we have done is the amalgamation of the two courses coming together and joining their creative talents. It is such a great learning experience of working in a group, and that teaches me to deal with new situations and come up with creative ways to make the best possible work we can as a group.

Tell us which resources and facilities you use the most, and how they help you develop your practice.

I use the editing suites the most. The industry standard software gives me the chance to improve my editing skill. It is about exploring the thing that one likes, and due to the availability of the extensive resources at the University, it gives me everything that I need to learn.

Film still: Courtesy of Yash Sharma

Do you have any key bits of advice for someone wishing to make the leap to studying here?

I feel it is always great to think about who you are, and in the last three years at Leeds Arts University I have seen a great sense of diversity. We as humans, wherever we go, wherever we end up, we always take the leap of faith. And I believe a faith in yourself leads to the leap. Freedom is the most important thing to us, and that's exactly what's filled in the atmosphere at Leeds Arts University, freedom.

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