Hamza Ashraf


BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Photograph of Hamza Ashraf sat posing whilst holding a camera in their workspace.

Hamza Ashraf is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Leeds whose practice is rooted in self-portraiture work. It ranges from film, documentary, photography, writing and archival. Hamza completed the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design in 2020 and went onto graduate from the BA (Hons) Filmmaking course in 2023.

After graduating in 2023, Hamza completed a residency at Dock Street Workshops as part of the Funded Studio Space scheme facilitated by the Careers, Employability and Enterprise team at Leeds Arts University. Whilst completing their residency, Hamza received mentoring from Sam Hutchinson and test bed access to Aire Street Darkroom through the scheme. Hamza was also mentored by South-Asian creatives from the Mentoring Matters and Diet Paratha schemes.

Hamza has used the space to start freelancing social media content creation for independent brands and businesses. Hamza has also been working on their upcoming start-up which will be an artist magazine and is due to launch in 2024.

Hamza is the co-founder of DNI Collective, an independent community collective based in Leeds for all BIPOC artists.

“Honestly, it is what I needed for this next phase in life. Having the studio space almost gave me the chance to have a clean slate. Be able to do what I want and have a space to also work on my collective, my magazine and my first collection of work. It’s also given me the chance to set boundaries within having my own space and where work shouldn’t be. Having your studio straight after graduation isn’t something the majority of people are fortunate enough to pull off. I’m grateful I got the chance and I’m making use of it on my terms - in a healthy way!”

Hamza Ashraf, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design and BA (Hons) Filmmaking graduate

Polaroid black and white picture displaying a busy desk with a hand sketching in a notepad.

Polaroid by Hamza Ashraf

Photograph of Hamza sat reading at a white desk wearing a white cap, black t-shirt and shorts. There are cardboard boxes on the floor surrounding Hamza.

Hamza Ashraf. Photograph courtesy of the artist

Photograph of Hamza Ashraf sat at a workspace holding a pen whilst looking forward.

Self-portrait photograph by Hamza Ashraf

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