We spoke to BA (Hons) Fashion Photography student, Eva-Lili, on why she chose to study at Leeds Arts University, what exciting projects she is working on and her plans for after graduating...

Why did you choose Leeds as a city and more specifically, Leeds Arts University?

I chose to live in Leeds as it is known for being a fun, vibrant city and full of students! And, of course it has a great nightlife and music scene. As Leeds Arts University is a specialist arts university I knew it was exactly what I needed to progress as an individual. Being around creative people from other courses as well as your own gives you so much opportunity to collaborate, effectively making your work stronger.

What made you select BA (Hons) Fashion Photography?

I chose Fashion Photography as it is the only course in the North of England that specialises in the combination of fashion and photography. I have always loved fashion imagery and the creative approaches that comes with it so, I knew this course was definitely best suited to my interests and would help me develop the right skills and techniques needed for the future.

What do you specialise in? What exciting things are you working on at the moment?

Right now, I have been working on a publication project called 'The Gaze' which is about my own personal interests about the body and how it is portrayed. This year I have really been pushed to think more conceptually about my work and also pushed to contact magazines and being published for the first time this year in Sister Magazine, which was really exciting for me.

How does the University develop your practice?

Within the University there are a lot of facilities and equipment to play with, it’s really great when you want to try new things out. The staff are always there when you need, even the ones who aren’t my personal tutors. When I need advice, they are there straight away and always make an effort to help in any way they can!

What do you plan to do after university?

After university, I am hoping to carry on collaborating and experimenting as well as getting some work experience in the fashion field. However, I do wish to try as many creative jobs as I can and even explore filmmaking as it is also an interest I wish to develop.