Freya Kruczenyk


BA (Hons) Fashion Photography - Senior Lecturer

Freya Kruczenyk is a Senior Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Fashion Photography course.

As a photographer Freya’s work has been exhibited nationally, both individually and as part of art collective Precious. Working across analogue and digital media her work explores the boundaries of photography, where it buffers up against sculpture, installation and performance.

Freya is particularly interested in how fashion photography relates to theories of gender performativity, sexuality and identity and she recently completed a Masters degree in Critical and Cultural Theory where she focused on questions of female agency and authorship.

Having worked at Leeds Arts University since 2012, Freya also holds a First Class honours degree in Photography, a PGCE, and is a fellow of the HEA.


Kruczenyk, F. (2018) Untitled I and II, from A Brief Arrangement.

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