Garry’s practice is allegorical. He has stories to tell and sometimes they arrive readymade and sometimes they need shaping and polishing. Drawing lies at the centre of his practice and sits alongside narrative; a working process that he believes can link all drawing practices back into pre-history.

Recent work includes large narrative drawings that are interwoven with the tales and stories of the times of their making, including responses to walks through local communities, the relationship between art and fiction, the continuing influence of the Western, reflections on domestic habits and loss of memory, both personal and collective and perhaps above all the fact that his dreams inhabit a particular landscape that he used to play in during the 1950s in the town of Dudley which was then in Worcestershire.

Garry is involved in several overlapping ventures including publishing, performance, drawing and exhibition curation, and has also a long history of engagement with the pedagogy of art practice, recently contributing to the Tate Gallery’s scholars’ mornings on the history of the basic design tradition within British Art schools and Q Arts Art Crits: 20 Questions – A Pocket Guide.

As a writer and publisher he has focused on the promotion of texts that engage with narratives and myths surrounding art and artists, recent publications including ‘Readings in a Rumour of the End of Art’ and the e-book, ‘Art and Fiction’.

Actively involved with the development and support of the arts community in the City of Leeds, Garry is a steering group member of the Leeds Creative Timebank, an organisation dedicated to the development of a non-cash based robust infrastructure that can support creative practitioners within the city.

As an educator Garry has had a long a varied teaching career. Initially working as a part-time art lecturer in the 70s he travelled between Leeds and Newport in South Wales working on the Foundation Diploma at Leeds and on the new Fine Art BA programme at Newport College of Art. His keen interest in alternative routes into art education led him to co-author a radical new course in Fine Art and Crafts aimed at mature learners in the Leeds District, subsequently evolving into an Access to Art and Design programme which Garry authored. He was instrumental in developing pedagogic models to develop Leeds Arts University’s higher education in the 80s and has taught, and continues to teach, across the range of HE programmes, including BA (Hons) Fine Art imparting to students a particular expertise in theoretical issues surrounding art and design practice.


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Conferences, Talks & Presentations

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