Sophie Jones


BA (Hons) Fine Art

Photograph of Sophie Jones looking into the camera whilst doing some hand embroidery
"The Funded Studio Space has provided me with a plethora of opportunities I would have otherwise been unable to access; building networks, developing my practice in a professional environment, and accessing funded opportunities to advance my career."

Sophie Jones, BA (Hons) Fine Art graduate and Funded Studio Space resident

Close-up photograph of Sophie Jones's hands working on a a hand embroidery design.

Sophie Jones, Funded Studio Space. Photograph by Michael Godsall

Photograph of a white wall at the Art House, Wakefield, which is covered in text describing Sophie Jones's 'A Tangled Thread' exhibition.

'A Tangled Thread' exhibition. Photograph by Sophie Jones

Photograph of Sophie Jones working on the design for their 'A Tangled Thread' exhibition

Sophie Jones. Photograph by Charlie Craig

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