We spoke to BA (Hons) Fine Art student, Lewis Andrews, on studying at Leeds Arts University, why he loves Leeds and his plans for after graduating...

Why did you choose Leeds Arts University?

The facilities and studio spaces here at the University are excellent. I remember looking at other universities during their Open Days and I thought none of them compared to the facilities that they offer here at Leeds Arts University. This has allowed my work to blossom in a way that I never knew was possible. Being a university specialising in the arts, I would always be around very creative people and possibly open the doors to collaborations with other courses. 

What made you select BA (Hons) Fine Art?

Since I was a child I've been doing art in one form or another. Coming to university I wanted to evolve my practice using different techniques but continue with my own personal interests. I wanted a course that would be tailored to what the student wants to create. The Fine Art course here at Leeds offered me just that. As a result, I've been able to excel my interests in nature, science and the cosmos. 

What do you really enjoy about your course and the University? 

Every day is different. One day I may be in my studio space creating a drawing but then the next day be in the print workshop creating screen prints. Having all these processes and workshops on one campus is a great opportunity. That’s what I really enjoy about my course. Every day is different and more exciting. With my current work, I've explored processes in at least five different workshops. It's great having access to these workshops and if you need help at all the workshop staff are more than happy to help.  

What do you plan to do after university?

I plan to seek out the artist-led groups around Leeds along with possibly holding exhibitions and taking part in artist-led workshops. The University is currently giving me sessions on how to make this possible and offers support in doing so. A good example of this is the opportunity to create an external exhibition in both the first year and second year and learning how to successfully market your work and get noticed by public, galleries and institutions.

What makes Leeds a good place to study?

There’s no question that Leeds is a very creative city. The atmosphere here is very positive and you’re bound to make lots of friends. With Leeds having a big university presence it's very easy to socialise with other students. I grew up in the countryside when I was young and was unsure at first about moving to a city. However, Leeds is a very welcoming and makes you feel at home. You'll never run out of things to do in Leeds both day and night. There are plenty of bars, pubs and clubs for students to chill out in the evenings and plenty of events going on around the city every month.