We caught up with current BA (Hons) Fine Art student Karl Sims who is studying on the media strand to see how things are going so far...

Why did you choose Leeds Arts University?

I had put down Leeds Arts University as one of my options because a friend recommended the University to me originally but when I came for my interview and had a look around the main building I was very impressed with the facilities and it seemed like a great environment. I quickly decided that this was the place I wanted to study at. 

What made you select Fine Art?

I enjoy working in a range of mediums and in a self-directed manner. For me fine art seemed like the only option to do what I wanted and to further my artistic practice. 

What do you really enjoy about your Programme and the University?

Everyone in the University is studying on a creative course and I think that makes for a good environment if you want to collaborate with other students on other courses. It's a friendly atmosphere throughout with a range of things going on. The programme itself I have found very enabling for my personal pursuits.  

What are the studios and facilities like at the University?

I like the fact that the studios are all mixed between the years as it makes for a more social and communal atmosphere. I’ve found the facilities to be really useful and accessible. The technicians are always there to help with any difficulties you might have. I’ve been able to do a range of side projects such as making t-shirts along with other things. I think I am going to miss having so many things so easily available when I graduate next year.   

What are you currently working on - what area do you specialise in?

My practice is based in performance and sculpture mainly but it also takes other forms, I like to be producing a variety of things at the same time. I chose to specialise in the media strand as I’m interested in different techniques of documentation and communication. Currently I am preparing to start my Context of Practice 3 module and bringing my contextual studies and practical work together.  

Where do you draw your inspiration?

Valued traditions, contemporary culture, poets, theologians and mystics.

What do you plan to do after University?

I am planning to continue my artistic practice and possibly the following year to my graduation do a MA. I was also thinking of applying for the fellowship programme that the University offers. 

Tell us what you like about Leeds?

The night life's good with a range of different types of clubs, bars and events to go to. As the city has quite a large student community, there are always parties going on all over the place. I think the size of the city is quite good as it’s not too big so it doesn’t takes ages to get to places and if you do have to travel far the taxis are pretty cheap.