Current BA (Hons) Fine Art student Maria Cepeda tells us about her time at Leeds Arts University and her plans for when she graduates...

Why did you choose Leeds Arts University?

I chose Leeds Arts University mainly because of its facilities. The University won the Whatuni Best University Facilities Award in 2016 which was a key factor for me since I am an International student and I wasn’t able to visit University before moving to the UK.

What made you select BA (Hons) Fine Art?

I decided to study Fine Art because I find happiness in creation and for me, Fine Art is the most creative degree you can do. Everyone is independent and free to explore whatever it is they are interested in.

What do you really enjoy about your course and the University?

As an emerging artist, I really appreciate the input the tutors bring into my practice during the group critique sessions and tutorials. They never tell you what to do, which is great because it’s your job to come up with ideas and solutions, but they’re always there when you need them to guide you. I’ve definitely learned to be more critical of my own work and how to develop it further.

The 3D workshops are my favourite aspect (metal, ceramics, plaster, and wood), there’s just so much you can do! The workshop instructors are really nice and helpful, it doesn’t matter how crazy your ideas are, they’ll find a technical solution to do what you want or the closest possible thing to it.

What do you plan to do after university?

I would like to continue my studies and study at Postgraduate level and possibly continue onto a PhD. I’d like to be a lecturer whilst still working as a practicing artist.

What makes Leeds a good place to study?

Leeds is a student-centred city. Wherever you go there’s going to be other students that are just like yourself, adjusting to life on their own and having fun in the process. Regardless of the things you like, there’s always a bunch of activities you can do. Whether it’s galleries, shopping, cinema, music and food festivals or even going on a short train journey to visit the countryside.