Current BA (Hons) Animation student Daniel Simms, spoke to us recently about their love for Leeds, their favourite facilities and how they recommend "breaking the ice" as soon as possible with new people...

What helped you decide to study at Leeds Arts University?

I was born and raised in Leeds, and always thought it was a great city so I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving! This absolutely influenced my decision to study at Leeds Arts University.

I first learned of Leeds Arts University back in high school whilst thinking about college and my next steps. After spending a few years working in retail I began again to consider other opportunities, and animation has been a fascination of mine ever since I was young.

Image: Courtesy of Daniel Simms

If you had to give a fresher three pieces of advice for studying at Leeds Arts University, what would they be?

A lot of artists are shy and introverted but I recommend breaking the ice with your classmates as soon as possible. You’ll quickly find that there are cool and like-minded people who you’ll want to work with on future projects.

Tell us which resources and facilities you use the most, and how they help you develop your practice.

I’ve really enjoyed visiting the on-campus library, and using the Mac Suites, LinkedIn Learning, and software provided by Leeds Arts University. I’ve found the materials shop super handy as well; where I can pick up materials that I need much cheaper than from shops in the city centre!

Image: Courtesy of Daniel Simms

What was your route to university - what did you study before starting university? Did you always have an interest in BA (Hons) Animation?

I’ve always been a big fan of animation but I specifically studied Games Design at Leeds City College, which encompassed many parts of the games industry. From that I took a particular interest in animation and character design.

Image: Courtesy of Daniel Simms

What do you like about living in Leeds?

Aside from the city being very familiar to me, I like the balance of urban and countryside areas. The city centre has a great selection of stores and restaurants but there’s always a field, park or canal nearby to take a moment for myself.

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