Rosie Summers


BA (Hons) Animation

Photograph of Rosie Summers wearing VR goggles on their forehead

Rosie graduated from BA (Hons) Animation in 2018 and is now a 3D animator and Virtual Reality Artist at XR Games. Rosie worked on the releases of the acclaimed Angry Birds Movie 2: Under Pressure VR and Zombieland VR.

"The all-rounded nature of the course allowed me to experiment with a variety of animation, before realising that 3D animation was my path and the medium I most loved using to tell my stories."

Rosie Summers, BA (Hons) Animation graduate

She continued; "What really made my time studying, were the tutors. They are fantastic and really go out their way for you to nurture your development as a practitioner. Their endless enthusiasm for animation, the subject they love, is so inspiring. It feels great to be a part of Leeds Arts University, it feels more like a creative community than a university, so nice and close-knit."

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