Adam Cadwell


BA (Hons) Animation - Senior Lecturer

Adam Cadwell is a Senior Lecturer for the BA (Hons) Animation course who specialises in 2D Animation and Pre-production work with an emphasis on 'visual communication' and storytelling. He brings with him over a decade of experience working as a freelance Storyboard Artist for many productions for such clients as Lucasfilm, HBO, BBC, CBBC, Google and DC Comics. He also has many years of experience as an Illustrator and Comic Book Artist utilising his knowledge of storytelling and visual communication across these different mediums.

Adam holds a BA in Interactive Arts from the Manchester Metropolitan University and went on to work in advertising before started out as a freelancer for Film and TV. For a number of years, he was heavily involved in the UK Comics scene creating and publishing his own comics (in print and online) and co-founding a comics publishing group called Great Beast. He also founded the British Comic Awards which he ran for five years and were held at the Thought Bubble Sequential Arts Festival in Leeds.

Adam brings his love and enthusiasm for animation, design and storytelling into the classroom with an emphasis on encouraging the fundamental skills that will help any student, and any artist, to tell any story in the best way possible.

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