Current BA (Hons) Illustration student Sabah Abbasi, gives us an insight on what it is like to study at Leeds Arts University, their current competition opportunity with Penguin and they give some handy tips to prospective students...

What does a typical day/week as a BA (Hons) Illustration student involve?

A typical week involves two full days in the studio with our tutors, which is my favourite part as it is nice to see everyone and see what they are creating. We also have remote sessions for less practical and hands-on things such as briefings. The visiting professional programme is also really encouraging as you are able to hear from professionals out in the industry. Finally, we also have time to drop into the studios or print workshops and create some exciting work.

Image: Courtesy of Sabah Abbasi

What project are you currently working on and what’s involved? What have you learned?

I’m currently working on the Penguin Cover Design Award 2022 competition which is very exciting but a bit scary as art directors will be judging the work. However, it’s a good experience as it will give me more gives you more of an understanding of what to expect in the publishing industry.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying BA (Hons) Illustration at University?

Trust your instinct and just do it! The tutors are so encouraging and supportive, and they are always really interested in your practice. There is a good range of different briefs that are broad enough where you can take in any direction and allow your creativity to flourish. The course set a range of diverse project briefs which can be taken in any direction, allowing your creativity to flourish!

Image: Courtesy of Sabah Abbasi

What was your route to University - what did you study before starting University? Did you always have an interest in BA (Hons) Illustration?

I went straight to university after studying from A Levels, studying which included Maths, History and Art, into University. I’ve loved drawing and being creative from a young age and always had a fascination for illustration as I’ve always loved drawing and being creative from a young age.

Image: Courtesy of Sabah Abbasi

What makes Leeds a good place to study?

Leeds has a great student community with lots to do and the art scene is quite really active with great opportunities. Also, you can’t go wrong with Yorkshire!