We caught up with current BA (Hons) Comic & Concept Art student, Morrigan Bashir who has come from Abu Dhabi. Morrigan (aka Mohammad) tells us about how the University has supported them in moving to the UK, their favourite facilities and what they've recently been working on...

What is the best thing about studying in the UK?

I think one thing I’ve enjoyed while studying here is that I can exercise my creative freedom a lot more, there are also a lot of art and craft stores that are really easy to find and they supply the materials I wish to work with.

Image: Courtesy of Morrigan Bashir

Tell us which resources and facilities you use the most, and how they help you develop your practice.

In the main studios for BA (Hons) Comic and Concept Art there are rows of Mac computers, which is what I’ve mostly been using. It’s a really good work space and all the computers include the latest professional software, which our course leaders give us support on how to use. Not having the worry about the cost of computers and software is also really great. I feel confident that when I do need to purchase the software I will have extensive knowledge which will aid me in my career.

Image: Courtesy of Morrigan Bashir

How has the University helped you to settle here?

The University has provided a lot of insight into what you can find in the city, I don’t think I would have had the ease that I do getting around the city without the material provided by the University. As an international student, I feel very supported in any problems that I might have and having that support has been really nice and a great comfort.

What do you specialise in and what are you working on at the moment?

Well, at the moment I currently specialise in Concept Art, so a lot of what I do is design work and rendering key shots of scenes. I have just wrapped up on a deadline so I’m currently designing some stuff for my personal project, a comic called ‘Metal Fist’, which is an action thriller with elements of horror. A lot of this work means I spend an inordinate amount of time researching, world building and writing the story. While I do this, I’m also trying to draw for myself, I don’t always know what I’m creating at the time but sometimes it's fan art.

Image: Courtesy of Morrigan Bashir

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully with a stable job that has projects that I enjoy and can look forward to. I would like to have the time to also do personal work where I can aim for the skies I would love to have the time to improve my own craft and still explore other mediums.




Header Image: Courtesy of Morrigan Bashir