BA (Hons) Animation student, Devon Short, tells us about the course and why they enjoy studying at the University...

Why did you choose to study at Leeds Arts University?

I first started studying at Leeds Arts University back when I was 16 on the Extended Diploma in Art and Design course at Vernon Street. I chose to study here so young as I was sure that I wanted a career in the arts one day, and the course seemed really friendly and a nice first step into the industry. I enjoyed it so much that continuing my studies into higher education at the same institution seemed obvious. I enjoyed the city, with what little I got to see while I commuting into college every day, and so decided to make the move here once my higher education studies commenced.

Image: Courtesy of Devon Short

What does a typical day/week as an Animation student involve?

A typical week of an BA (Hons) Animation student involves a lot of hard work, not only because the course is very fast paced but also because everyone genuinely wants to produce the best work they can. It also involves a lot of team meetings to make sure that everyone working on a project is on the same page, which means that even the introverts have to step out of their comfort zone and talk to new people.

Tell us which resources and facilities you use the most, and how they help you develop your practice.

I generally use the Mac suits and Wacom tablets most. The Macs are equipped with a range of animation software so I can choose to stick with what I know or to learn something new without having to purchase the software myself. The library is also an essential resource, not only for essay research but for style and technique inspiration, the library is amazing as it solely focuses on the Arts.

Image: Courtesy of Devon Short

What advice would you give to someone considering studying BA (Hons) Animation at University?

I would advise anyone looking to study BA (Hons) Animation that they need to be prepared to work hard. As long as they’re prepared to do their best, they’ll get along just fine. They should also be prepared to get involved in side projects and extracurricular activities. Taking advantage of every opportunity that comes their way really will pay off in the long run.

Describe yourself in three words.

Enthusiastic, dedicated, creative


Header Image: Courtesy of Devon Short