We spoke to current BA (Hons) Animation student Matthew Bakhtiari who shared advice for new students, how the course has "a great connection with industries" and their hopes for the future...

If you had to give a fresher some pieces of advice for studying at Leeds Arts University, what would they be?

  • Use the facilities as much as you can, from the library to all of the specialist workshops
  • Try to make a good connection with your course tutors and peers
  • Watch 'Ways of Seeing' by John Berger
  • Practising is the key
  • Thinking is essential

Film: Courtesy of Matthew Bakhtiari

What does a typical day/week as a BA (Hons) Animation student involve?

  • Learning while you are listening
  • Studying while you are watching
  • Thinking while you are practising

Image: Courtesy of Matthew Bakhtiari

What connections does your course have with industry? Tell us about any live briefs you’ve worked on, or any work experience you’ve had.

The course has a great connection with industries and the University hosts course specific visiting professionals, which is one of the most helpful opportunities as I am able to ask questions to some amazing animators from around the world. I’ve also just started to do some live briefs for external clients, set-up by the University!

The film below contains sensitive content.

Film: Courtesy of Matthew Bakhtiari

What are the 3 most valuable things you’ve learned while studying at Leeds Arts University?

  • Learning to move on or move up
  • Learning to move with the flow
  • Learning to control anxiety

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I am not sure yet, however, I think I might work in a television or in an advertising company. Honestly, I have quit the habit of seeing myself in the future, but what I believe is being my best just for today and using today as much as I can.

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Header Image: Courtesy of Matthew Bakhtiari