We spoke to current BA (Hons) Photography student Nelson Delgadinho from Portugal about studying in the UK, his passion for the subject and the opportunity to collaborate with other students...

What do you specialise in and what are you working on at the moment?

I specialise in portrait and fine art photography, however during my time at Leeds Arts University I have gained an appreciation for all of the genres in photography. Since I started studying BA (Hons) Photography I have continuously been amazed by how photography has changed the way I see the world. I feel for me it is the only way I can truly capture the reality of a moment in time.

I am currently working on publishing my first photobook, which is something that I have always wanted to do and I feel extremely proud to have the opportunity to achieve this.

Image: Courtesy of Nelson Delgadinho

What is the best thing about studying in the UK?

Studying in the UK has been one of my best life experiences, it has helped me grow personally and professionally in so many ways. The UK allows students to find a job that coincides with your studies, which in my situation has been a major factor to be able to continue my studies away from home.

Tell us which resources and facilities you use the most, and how they help you develop your practice.

When I started studying at Leeds Arts University I was taken aback by the facilities and all the photography equipment that the University has to offer. To this day, I can still remember my first introduction when we were shown some of the equipment that we would be able to access during our course.

The facilities that I use the most are the photography studios, which help further my skills, techniques and knowledge of professional photography equipment. I feel extremely grateful to the University for this opportunity.

Image: Courtesy of Nelson Delgadinho

What was your route to University - what did you study before starting University? Did you always have an interest in BA (Hons) Photography?

My route to university was a strange one. I began my college years by doing various college courses trying to discover my true passion. As a last resort, at the age of 19, I decided to join a professional photography course in Portugal. The choice of course was not because I wanted to be a photographer but because I had to finish my college years as it is frowned upon in Portugal to not finish your education. I immediately fell in love with the art of photography and my perception and relationship with photography changed. It spurred me on into making a decision to pursue a BA (Hons) Photography at university, which has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Image: Courtesy of Nelson Delgadinho

What makes Leeds a good place to study?

When I first visited Leeds for an open day at the University, I was drawn immediately to the energy and the atmosphere of the city and all the opportunities that it had to offer. One of the greatest aspects of Leeds, is that the universities are extremely close, allowing students to collaborate and get to know each other from different courses and universities.

On every street I watched students pass by who seemed so friendly. Everyone is following their own path with a smile on their face and this was when I felt that this city was the perfect place for me to study.