BA (Hons) Creative Advertising student Sophie McNulty tells us more about her time at the University, and the opportunity she had to study abroad through the Erasmus programme.

Studying Creative Advertising is a completely immersive experience as creative thinking and idea generation are both processes that never rest. Here at Leeds Arts University, we are guided by our tutors in a way that tests and pushes our potential; they are very open and always willing to offer advice. As students we are always encouraged to collaborate and share ideas, we never feel closed off from possibilities and opportunities. Therefore, if you put a lot in, you get a lot out of the course.

One of many opportunities offered by the course is involvement with the Erasmus Study Abroad programme. I have personally benefited from this opportunity and I was hugely encouraged and supported by my tutors; I studied at a design school in a town called Ravensburg, Southern Germany. Although daunting at first (as I knew no German at all!) My experience in Ravensburg is one that I look back on with very fond memories. Studying within the design school allowed me to expand and build on my art direction skills, taking classes in typography, layout design, photography, animation, film design and printing (to mention only a few!). Although I could have taken these types of classes in my spare time in England, going to Germany to study in a different environment on a different course, allowed me to really focus on those classes and get the most out of the experience as they were my primary concern.

Alongside studying within the design school, I was able to study German language classes and I have returned from my exchange with the ability to listen to and understand people speaking German. Aside of studies, I also gained a large friendship group within my class and still keep in touch with my classmates, more than a year on after being there. I also had a couple of my closest German friends come over to visit during the summer months and I plan to return to Germany this summer to visit them.