Nicholas Young


BA (Hons) Marketing Communications - Senior Lecturer

I love ideas. They make me tick. An idea is what you build everything around. You should put them at the heart of everything you do. This is the way I was taught, the way I work and the way I teach. I love big ideas that grab and surprise people. I also like little ideas. Subtle touches that lift a piece of work, making it better than it has a right to be. And to spot an idea too. To be able to sift the gold from other peoples’ thinking. I’ve won over 30 industry awards for my ideas. And been asked to judge other peoples’. Judging them is easier than winning them.

After completing my degree in Graphic Design at UCLan, I worked in the design and advertising industry for over 16 years. This gave me an incredible experience that saw me move from a Junior Designer to a Creative Director. I have met and worked with many talented people over this time. People who have mentored me and broadened my mind with their experience and ideas. And I have been fortunate enough to be able to pass on some of this experience to other creatives. The best part of being a Creative Director is the opportunity to work with raw talent, to be able to nurture and develop people and to help them fulfill their potential. It is this ethos that I bring to lecturing. Having completed an MA in Graphic Design and Art Direction at MMU, I now practice this at Leeds Arts University.

I have an excellent understanding of what the industry needs and requires from graduates. I also appreciate that research and development in academia are important for the industry as well as providing a learning experience to explore and develop creative ideas. I try to inspire my students. And make sure they are ready for industry. With all the knocks and triumphs that come with it. Did I mention I love ideas?


Young, N. (2016) Nuclear Map of Great Britain. Digital artefact.


Young, N. (2019) RBMK1000.


Young, N. (2018) Woodpecker. Creative project.

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