Sherry Sahni was born in India and studied MA Creative Practice as an international student, graduating in 2017.

Since graduating Sherry has taken a post as Assistant to the Director of a Kindergarten group in Shanghai. She is responsible for creating the art curriculum and other art related material for the group of schools.

We caught up with Sherry to find out what she is up to now.

What did you enjoy about your time at Leeds Arts University?

The MA Creative Practice course really helped me develop professionally, a specific module in the course was about reaching out to the professionals practicing in the industry. This helped me get an internship in New York which I would have never even applied to if it was not for the assignment asking us to reach out.

One of the memories that is clear as day was with my tutor, after the first quarter she realised my project had taken a toll on me emotionally because it was a very emotionally challenging topic. She asked to take a break and draw or paint whatever I wanted that was unrelated to the topic I was working with. I was extremely touched by the fact that she put my state of mind and health over submissions.

What have you gone on to do since leaving Leeds Arts University?

The course ended in August and I moved to Shanghai on 4 September. Its been a roller coaster of a ride since then, education was not what I was planning on but it was the challenge life offered and I took it! I am now working as Assistant to Director of a kindergarten group here in Shanghai, I am responsible for creating art curriculum, sets for drama performances and other art related material for the entire group of schools. My week starts with brainstorming new ideas with the director, creating sketches and proposals for the week, sourcing materials, editing videos for marketing and explaining art materials to the teachers in kindergarten and how they can incorporate them and art in general in their teaching.

Any future ambitions or projects in the pipeline you can tell us about?

I am currently gaining experience in the education industry, with the aim of becoming an education curator for a museum, linking museum to schools and colleges. I’ve realised there’s a huge gap in art understating and art that is taught and conceived in schools. I would like to bridge that gap because in the end, these kids will be the future of the art world. You’ve recently moved to China.

How does this compare with living/working in the UK?

China is very different to the west, when I moved to UK it was mostly the weather that was the problem but because of the media and my exposure to British culture it was not something unusual. China on the other hand has been overwhelming, the language has been a challenge but I’m learning and now I have basic conversational skills which is helpful.

What one piece of advice would you give to students graduating?

Don’t assume it’s going to be easy. It is difficult out there, and it is a long uphill walk, but it’s worth every effort that you put in, it is completely worth it because the view keeps getting better with height.