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How to apply for our postgraduate courses

Applying to a postgraduate course

Please apply direct to the University for our postgraduate courses using the links at the bottom of this page.

The closing date for applications is August 2024. We strongly encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

What happens after you apply

Once we receive your application form, we will check that you meet or have the potential to meet our entry requirements. If so, we will ask you to set up your applicant portal.

You will then be asked to submit a maximum of six examples of work from your portfolio for consideration. The files should be no larger than 30MB in total.

Our decision

In assessing your suitability for the course, you have applied to the University considers your academic ability and potential to succeed. Our decision will be communicated to you via your applicant portal.

If successful, you will receive either a conditional or unconditional offer. An unconditional offer will only made if you have previously achieved the entry requirements for the course.

Keep an eye out for our communications

Over the course of your application journey, we will ask you to upload documents to your applicant portal such as certificates or proof of identification.

We would always advise that you also regularly check your portal for these requests to avoid any delay in processing your applications. We may send information or make requests via email. We will send emails to the address included within your application.

On occasion we may text you to remind you of an outstanding task or to inform you of an update.

Contact information

To speak to our admissions team, please contact us by email: or by telephone 0113 202 8000 (our team is available to help you 8.30am-4.30pm Mon-Fri).

Apply Now

Please use the following application form links to apply for our courses.

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