Lorna Jackson completed the Extended Diploma in Art & Design course in 2010. We caught up with her to find out how the course has influenced her career.

“Attending Leeds Arts University led to the launch of my architectural career. Before the National Diploma course I knew that my passion laid within the creative industries however I was unsure of which field to pursue as a career. The environment at Leeds Arts University encouraged the exploration of all things creative and allowed me to turn my hand to fine art, textiles, graphics and 3D studies before choosing to specialise within the 3D field for my second year of the course. Exploring all of these fields has allowed me to create a wealth of diverse knowledge; something that I am able to utilise in my work now; drawing inspiration not only from the architectural field but from varied sources. I believe that it is this that has allowed me to develop a unique and versatile way of working producing compelling responses to the briefs that I am set.

Since leaving Leeds Arts University I have completed a BA (Hons) in Architecture International at Huddersfield University. The nature of the course at the University placed me in a better position for the transition to the self-directed approach universities expect than if I had chosen to do the A-level equivalents.

The course and the skills that I learnt have made a significant impact on my professional career to date. Most recently I have been working in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Boston USA with a well established Architecture firm, OfIs Arhitekti. I am now beginning my Masters of Architecture at the University of Westminster, with the hope of becoming a fully certified architect in a few years and setting up my own firm in the future”.