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Course Leader becomes Women in Games ambassador

BA (Hons) Games Art

BA (Hons) Games Design

Alec Chalmers, Course Leader for BA (Hons) Games Art and BA (Hons) Games Design has recently been welcomed into the Women in Games ambassador programme.

Women in Games ambassadors champion and support people to understand the games industry and opportunities within it; with an aim of achieving gender equality where all women and girls, from all backgrounds, feel empowered to achieve their full potential.

Alec explains why he chose to become an ambassador and why he feels it is important for the industry and for students:

“I was inspired to become an ally and ambassador for Women in Games because I recognise my responsibility to uplift and mentor the next generation in the games industry. Although I had already been supporting the organisation as a member, a statement from the CEO, Marie-Claire Isaaman, on International Women's Day struck a chord with me. She expressed that despite significant efforts, ‘the dial wasn't moving’ and emphasised, ‘To truly create a fair and safe space for women in games, we need allies. We need men.’

“As our new courses in Games Art and Games Design expand, I am committed to advocating for diversity and inclusiveness in both education and the broader industry. Serving as an ambassador allows me to connect with like-minded individuals and join a diverse network of women, minorities, and allies all striving for change. This role enriches our educational approach by enabling our students to learn from the varied challenges, advice, and experiences of a diverse range of professionals. It also strengthens our collaborations with diverse individuals and studios.”

“Together with Women in Games, I am hopeful that we can drive the industry toward a future where inclusivity, respect, and creativity are at the forefront.”

Alec Chalmers, BA (Hons) Games Art and BA (Hons) Games Design Course Leader

Leeds Arts University offers two undergraduate courses in BA (Hons) Games Art and BA (Hons) Games Design. As a specialist arts university, our students are able to take an auteur-driven approach to game development, supported by industry standard resources and expertise.

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