We caught up with BA (Hons) Visual Communication student Ethan Carney to find out more studying at the University.

Poster 1 Visualisation

Why did you choose to study at Leeds Arts University?

I chose to study at Leeds Arts University because I liked the reputation of the University and the course offered here seemed perfect for all the different skills I wanted to learn.

What do you specialise in and what are you working on at the moment?

I mainly work with Photography and Graphics and at the moment I am producing some poster designs to accompany an essay we are writing.

How does the University help you develop your practice?

The University runs workshops to introduce us to new skills such as Wood, Metal, Printing and Darkroom. I found the Adobe workshops really useful as they take us through the skills for the different Creative Cloud programs in a way that is relevant to current projects.

What do you plan to do after University?

I'm not sure yet but it would be good to work in a design studio working within a team of creative people. I'm sure that by the time I leave Leeds Arts University I will have a clearer idea, as they help us develop our practice and guide us to discover what we want to do.

What makes Leeds a good place to study?

Leeds is a good place to study because of the fact that it has a high student population so it’s really student-oriented, as well as there being lots of things to do both at day and night. There are so many interesting art events going on all the time too, which is so useful.

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