Amy Hodson


BA (Hons) Visual Communication - Lecturer

Amy Hodson is a Lecturer on BA (Hons) Visual Communication and teaches across all three years of the course.

Amy has a PGCE in Lifelong Learning and has been focussed on delivering engaging and high-quality art and design education at Leeds Arts University for the past 12 years.

Amy’s specialist interests lie within illustration, character and storytelling. Throughout her creative career she has enjoyed working collaboratively both locally and internationally with writers, designers, animators and film makers, as well as educators and scientists. Collaborative work has been exhibited with Pictoplasma in both Berlin and Mexico. Her contributions to HitRecord were screened at Sundance, South-by-Southwest Festival and have featured in HitRecord on TV Series 1&2 (with Series 1 winning an Emmy in Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media in 2014).

She is passionate about ideas and the impact communicating through images can contribute towards education beyond the walls of the art school. She is mid-way through her Masters of Research at Glasgow School of Art. Her current research explores participatory design and comic making as a method to investigate young adults’ experiences of Relationships and Sex Education.

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