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Students design new Leeds Arts University tote bags

Four tote bags arranged in a square. The first features a pink illustration of a person surrounded by art materials, the second is teal and includes buildings and flowers, a black design features a knight with the Leeds Arts University logo as a shield, the final tote bag has a pale blue illustration of a classical sculpture split open by the Leeds Arts University logo.

Tote bags designed by students Felix Booth, Fizah Afzal, Colin Duckles and Remi Holst

Four students stand outside the Leeds Arts University building logo each holding a tote bag featuring the same logo with a different design, The bags are all neutral in colour, the designs from left to right are pink, black, orange and black.

Students Michael Geary, Marlon Fernandes, Elliot Regler and Myron Mistry with their tote bag designs

Students from across the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses were selected to design the new Leeds Arts University branded tote bags.

During our open days and events, we enjoy welcoming our guests with tote bags full of goodies to take home with them. Our tote bags always go down a treat due to the exciting and vibrant designs our students provide. We love showcasing our students work just as much as our guests love receiving the tote bags!

The design brief for the bags asked for designs to be professional, well thought out and innovative, whilst reflecting our status as a leader in creative arts education. The designs must also feature the university logo and use Leeds Arts University brand colours.

Students who designed winning bags were:

  • Colin Duckles – BA (Hons) Comic and Concept

  • Remi Holst – BA (Hons) Creative Writing

  • Fizah Afzal – BA (Hons) Graphic Design

  • Felix Booth – BA (Hons) Illustration

  • Michael Geary – BA (Hons) Illustration

  • Elliot Regler – BA (Hons) Visual Communication

  • Myron Mistry – BA (Hons) Visual Communication

  • Marlon Fernandes – MA Illustration with Graphic Novel

"My design was inspired by the diversity at uni and the vast number of courses it has to offer. Polaroids are a very personal way to showcase core events and memories, which is why I went with the polaroid inspired design. I kept the design minimal, which is a departure from my usual style, but one I thought that'd work well on the tote bag."

Marlon Fernandes, MA Illustration with Graphic Novel student

"My design was inspired by all of the incredible students we have here at Leeds Arts University. Being an arts university, everyone is so creative, and the way people dress and style themselves is so fun and unique, and a real reflection of all of the crazy creative work we all do. It's the first thing I noticed when I came here, walking around the corridors and stuff, everyone's just so cool."

Michael Geary, BA (Hons) Illustration student

"My design is inspired by the Leeds Armoury, which is a famous and well visited location in Leeds. Many students, including myself, have cherished this location as a point of reference and inspiration for their art projects, so I feel our university has a special connection to the establishment. I have depicted an artsy and cartoon style Knight using our logo as a shield, equipped with a suit of armour, a trusty sword and two paint brushes strapped to his back in a quiver."

Colin Duckles, BA (Hons) Comic and Concept student

"When the brief mentioned that our design should be inspired by an aspect of the University, I felt I had to pay homage to the variety of course options as well as resources available to all students. As an illustration student I’ve been encouraged to make wide use of materials and print processes offered year-round and was excited to showcase my appreciation for these resources in my design!"

Felix Booth, BA (Hons) Illustration student

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