News / 06 Sep 2023

Recycling redundant cameras and equipment


In line with our Sustainability Framework, Leeds Arts University contacted Over2Hills to reuse, recycle, and rework 300+ obsolete digital and film cameras, accessories, and components to divert them from landfill.

Over2Hills contacted more than 400 registered charities and not-for-profit organisations to reuse the items and also made the cameras available to be claimed by any national third network sector charity or not-for-profit organisation via their online shop: Shop - Over2Hills Office Furniture Recycling.

Over 70 individual charities and non-for-profit organizations have directly benefitted from this recycling project, including Conscious Youth CIC, Bespoke Care & Support Services, Temple Well Being CIC, Care Management Solutions, and so on.

“this has been exciting and inspiring for everybody here at Over2hills as it was both engaging and a break from the norm regarding the usual office furniture we recycle on a day-to-day basis.”

Tristan Wright, Charity Co-Ordinator

The World Bhangra Council who claimed some of the cameras stated: “Fantastic opportunity to give these cameras a new lease of life with my art students and other light-painting explorations!”

Whilst mother, Sharon Watkinson said “thank you for the camera this will help my daughter with her course work for her photography GCSEs. Very kind and generous support for local communities”.

Any items which could not be placed for re-use from the above processes were unassembled and categorized by material and processed at the relevant recycling plant. This prevented the remanufacturing of the already present raw materials.


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