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Fashion Photography student work displayed in Times Square, New York

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Close photograph of model's face. They have long dark hair tied back in a pink satin bow and are wearing gold hoop earrings

Ezili Swim 'Ballet Core', shot by Ruby Willingham, BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Person holding a camera to their face kneels before a model wearing a beige swimming costume and legwarmers, reclining on a grey sofa

Behind the scenes shot of Ruby Willingham, BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Model wearing a pink slip lace dress with a design made up of circles and other geometric shapes

Ezili Swim 'Ballet Core', shot by Ruby Willingham, BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography student Ruby Willingham saw work she produced for swimwear brand Ezili shared with an international audience as it went up on a billboard in Times Square in New York.

Ruby reached out to Ezili during her second year for a module that encourages students to find live client briefs. Working with brand owner Ally Armitage, Ruby made a series of short fashion films for the brand, that were featured on the brand's Instagram page.

After staying in touch, Ally contacted Ruby with the offer of a paid opportunity to shoot some content for an Ezili social media campaign for their new collection. The theme of the new collection was ballet core, and Ruby joined the team at a studio in Manchester to shoot the collection.

“Ruby initially approached us to assist in shooting some social media content, we strategised themes for upcoming Black Friday and Christmas campaigns and we were blown away by her professionalism, resourcefulness and ultimately her finished work. It was a pleasure to bring her on board for our billboard campaign, she is fantastic at following a brief and giving direction to a big set of people. We look forward to watching her continue to succeed in further opportunities that come her way.”

Ally Armitage, Owner, Ezili Swim

“It was a huge opportunity for me to work with the brand again and build a stronger relationship. To see my recent work with Ezili on a billboard in Times Square in New York was incredible and something I am so proud of.”

Ruby Willingham, BA (Hons) Fashion Photography student

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