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Textile Design graduate launches exhibition after Funded Studio Space residency

BA (Hons) Textile Design

Photograph of a person stood in a white brick studio amongst the a collection of textile designs that are hung on the wall and displayed across a wooden table.

Chloe Henson with her 'Growth' exhibition at Aire Place Studios.

Photograph of a collection of textile designs and books laid across a wooden table.

'Growth' by Chloe Henson at Aire Place Studios.

Photograph of a person stood infront of a white brick wall looking at three separate hanging floral textile works.

Chloe Henson with hangings from the 'Growth' exhibition at Aire Place Studios.

Photograph of a person's back whilst they are sat working at a desk. Hung on the wall in front of them are lots of different artistic designs of flowers and leaves in black and white.

Chloe Henson at Dock Street Workshops. Courtesy of the artist

Photograph of a pair of hands cutting shapes into paper in a dimly lit studio.

Chloe Henson working in their Dock Street Workshop studio space. Courtesy of the artist.

Photograph of a person's right arm laid on a desk at Dock Street Workshops drawing in a sketchbook.

Chloe Henson sketching in their Dock Street Workshop studio space. Courtesy of the artist.

Recent BA (Hons) Textile Design graduate, Chloe Henson, exhibited their debut solo show 'Growth' at Aire Place Studios from 9 February – 13 February 2024.

Chloe Henson graduated from the BA (Hons) Textile Design course in 2020 and went on to take up a residency at Dock Street Workshops in 2022 after successfully gaining a place on the Funded Studio Space scheme offered by Leeds Arts University’s Careers, Employability and Enterprise team.

With support from the Careers team, Chloe used the time and space at Dock Street Workshops to build up her creative network in Leeds and work on a large funding application to the 'Developing Your Creative Practice' grant from Arts Council England.

Upon receiving this grant, Chloe was able to spend 2023 exploring a self-directed project in which she worked with wool, felt and cotton calico to create textile hangings and observe how they sat within a space and how they connected with the viewer. The 'Growth' exhibition showcases the hand-sewn collection of Chloe’s explorations.

"Graduating felt a bit like jumping off a cliff into a whole new world, and having continued support from Abbie and the Alumni team has given me space and time to find my feet. The graduate studio scheme in particular enabled me to further discover my practice, to then secure funding from the Arts Council, which has led me to have my first solo show!"

Chloe Henson, BA (Hons) Textile Design graduate

After the residency at Dock Street Workshops, Chloe has since moved on to her own studio space at Aire Place Studios where 'Growth' was exhibited.

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