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Big Book Crit sets up students for success

BA (Hons) Marketing Communications

Three people sit on red chairs round a small round table. One is smiling, at something on a macbook screen. In the background a person sits on steps looking at a mobile phone.

Big Book Crit

Three people sit at a table looking at a macbook screen. Two are wearing glasses and one appears to be speaking. In the background other small groups of people sit with laptops or in conversation.

Big Book Crit

Two people sit with a laptop at a white table. Other people are formed in small groups, behind and to the side, also with laptops or in conversation. They are in an atrium with wall to ceiling windows with gold frames.

Big Book Crit

Final year BA (Hons) Creative Advertising (now BA (Hons) Marketing Communications) students were given the opportunity to receive feedback from industry professionals at the Big Book Crit, hosted by Leeds Arts University and DMA (Data & Marketing Association).

The Big Book Crit was organised by BA (Hons) Marketing Communications Course Leader, Fabio Fragiacomo together with DMA, who invited eight creatives from a range of local agencies. The event was organised speed dating style, giving all the graduating students the chance to receive objective and constructive feedback from a range of industry professionals.

Creative professionals attending the event were: Lauren Powter, Freelance Art Director; Richard Sharp, Agency Owner and Strategic Creative Director at SHARP; Adam Woolley, Associate Creative Director at Fox Agency; Nick Hynes, Creative Strategist at ThreeTenSeven; Erik Winterburn, Graphic Designer at ThreeTenSeven; Jason Mortimer, Art Director at Fox Agency; Bill Lyne, Head of Copy at Fox Agency and Paul Blandford, Creative Director at Fox Agency.

“As well as strong creative ideas, [the students] had developed really strong strategies to build the creative around. This is a big step forward from the student work I have generally seen over previous years. And credit to [the course] who have developed a group of hugely talented and employable people. It's always great to see the future of our industry looking so bright.”

Richard Sharp, Agency Owner SHARP

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