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BBC’s Sort Your Life Out employ Filmmaking graduates

BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Photograph of a large warehouse which holds the belongings of hundreds of personal items neatly organised along its floor surrounded by yellow tape.

Sort Your Life Out series 4 set. Photograph courtesy of Elise Lucia

Recent BA (Hons) Filmmaking graduates, Elise Lucia, Miles Edwards, and Tamsin Stokoe worked together on series four of the BBC series Sort Your Life Out.

The three graduates worked as Location Runners in Leeds where they sorted the belongings of the homeowners. Elise Lucia, who worked on episodes three and four of the fourth season and has already had multiple television credits on 'The Crown', 'Dodger', and 'Operation Ouch!' to name a few, particularly enjoyed the experience as it allowed members of the BA (Hons) Filmmaking course to reunite and collaborate.

"I was on the first day of the shoot and the production coordinator expressed that they were needing more runners and so I got in touch with Miles. I had met him previously as he was in the year below me and I thought it would be great to get him on as he had just graduated and would be looking for his first ‘breakthrough’ job! He was great to work with and has since gone on to some great things and I’m so proud of him and pleased that I can help a fellow Leeds Arts University graduate!"

Elise Lucia, BA (Hons) Filmmaking graduate

"Working on Sort Your Life Out was a really fantastic experience which I got through networking at university. It was one day of work that my friend from the Filmmaking course got for me, and it has led to so many things and opportunities. For example, the Production Coordinator from Sort Your Life Out recommended me for The Great British Sewing Bee series and I worked on their Christmas special in December."

Miles Edwards, BA (Hons) Filmmaking graduate

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