Hannah Stacey

Hannah Stacey

Graduate Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Participant

Hannah Stacey graduated with a degree in Printed Textiles in 2014. In addition to her studies, Hannah was a student ambassador, working on the Creative Networks programme and also with the schools liaison team. Hannah also was a successful candidate in The Knowledge Partnerships competition and her work was purchased for display in their offices.

Outside of the studio Hannah is a keen mountain climber and volunteer workshop instructor at The Tetley Gallery Leeds.

In her final year she worked long hours perfecting her Printed Textile work, but found time to attend a Career Track Tuesday session about developing a creative business idea. She found the content was good but even better was the chance to spend a few minutes talking to other students outside her course.

Hannah Stacy 

In July 2014 Hannah was chosen to represent Leeds Arts University at the Boot Camp funded by Yorkshire Universities. Students graduating in medicine, graphic design, marketing, tourism, management, retail and IT attended to enjoy networking while developing their commercial awareness and knowledge of business planning, sales, marketing, legal and financial matters.

To her surprise, she worked even harder at Bootcamp than at University, guided by the expert presenters. 

“In the final session everything fell into place, because of the knowledge we had built up all week. It all made sense and ticked a lot of boxes. I realised when they talked about social enterprise that I want to help people in their creative careers, and that my raison d’être is not to be a millionaire, but I do want to give other creatives that leg up. I want to make a difference in a person’s career and life. 

After Bootcamp, Hannah became Graduate in Residence at East Street Arts, where she learnt book binding and embossing skills to complement her love of collage, screen printing, illustration, laser cutting, printing, etching and dyeing. 

Since leaving Leeds Arts University Hannah has moved into her own studio in Leeds expanding her own work Hannah Stacey Design.