We encourage partnerships and collaboration with industry, and offer a wide range of ways for you to get involved.

Working with Leeds Arts University offers invaluable benefits for your business and wider industry:

  • Help us to continue to understand what you want from graduates, so we can continue to structure our curricula accordingly
  • Our staff and/or students will bring fresh insight and solutions to one of your business problems
  • Benefit from the fresh ideas, new approaches and hard work of a placement student
  • Meet and assess potential new recruits
  • Get satisfaction from helping students to learn from your experience, insights and inspiration
  • Contributing to the industry supports your own personal and professional development, and offers excellent networking opportunities

We offer a wide range of options for working with us – from guest speaking to taking a student on placement to collaborative projects.


There is so much we could do together, so why not get in touch and see how you, and your business, can benefit? Please email employability@leeds-art.ac.uk.