Tiffany, Yi-Jen Chen is an international alumni who graduated from MA Curation Practices in 2019. We met up with her to find out about her practice and the experience of studying the MA Curation Practices course as a part time student.

What made you choose the MA? 

I graduated with a BA in visual communication design in Taiwan, after that, I took on an internship in a curation company working on auctions and exhibitions. Through these experiences I learnt a lot about the process of curation and wanted to explore and learn more. From previous experiences I realised that my passion lies in the field of art and design. During my studies, I had the opportunity to visit other institutions and galleries to study on site. This has helped me to be more aware about what I would like to focus on. At the same time, the course model was good as fellow students could exchange information and learn from each other.

Image: Tiffany, Yi-Jen Chen

Could you tell us a little about your practice and any projects that you have worked on during or since?

The projects that I focused on during my studies were completed through questionnaires and small interactive activities. I was lucky enough to get permission to work with the Leeds Art Gallery and at Sunny Bank Mills Gallery. I also worked on a project called “When you see the text…” (14th-22nd March 2019), this included research looking at the impact of social media on my curation practice. This project involved collaboration with an art group called TCL Art Collective. I used Instagram Stories and the questionnaire to help me to understand more about the audience’s experience of the artwork versus the text.

Of all my projects it revealed interesting ideas about the relationship between the visitors and the artwork in the exhibitions. I then used different angles and the social media to help me understand more about visitor’s reactions to the exhibition.

Image:Tiffany, Yi-Jen Chen

Do you have any advice for current students or recent graduates wanting to work in your field?

As an international student I would like to tell you that it is possible to achieve any idea. In my case, my supervisor helped me to focus on one point in the study from a much wider concept. I am continuing to browse and learn from the curation field, and different ways to bring an interesting visual concept for exhibition visitors.