Lyndarn Harrison is a Creative at Havas London. He graduated from BA (Hons) Creative Advertising in 2016.

We asked him to tell us about his experience of studying BA (Hons) Creative Advertising at Leeds Arts University and what he is doing now:

At university being close to people on other creative courses meant that there was always something to make – and as a creative, there’s nothing better to do than that. Especially when you have the freedom and facilities to make whatever you want.

Image: Courtesy of Lyndarn Harrison

The course itself gives you a proper nose to tail understanding of Advertising. You learn everything from strategy to ideation and even how to sell in your work which really helped me to adapt to my job quickly.

After finishing the course, I had a one-week placement at Squad in Manchester before heading down with the university to D&AD New Blood in London, where I was luckily picked up by Havas London on the opening night, after pitching myself and my work to a roomful of (scary) industry professionals.

Image: Courtesy of Lyndarn Harrison

Since I graduated I’ve been doing a lot of travelling on overcrowded tubes and lots of thinking, writing and drawing.

My advice to other students wanting to break into the industry would be to be yourself and work hard. It sounds simple, but it’s genuinely what makes you, and your work, stand out.

With future plans, there’s one, but it’s a long way off. When I eventually get tired of living in London, the plan is to come back up to Leeds and set up a multidisciplinary studio with a couple of friends.