Kieran Walsh graduated in 2016 from Leeds Arts University with a first class degree in BA (Hons) Graphic Design. He started as Graphic Design Intern at DAZED, followed by a few years working within London-based startups, Kieran is currently Digital Art Editor at WIRED.

Here’s what Kieran had to say: 

What did you enjoy about your time studying Graphic Design?

My time at Leeds Arts University was great. It’s the best opportunity you are likely to have to experiment, develop skills and push your way of doing things without the worry of monetising your time. The course is three years of being able to play with design, tech, process and theory, I still refer to this arsenal of skills, processes and tricks. The network and friends I made while at uni will share the industry for the span of my career, and there’s no easier foot-in-the-door than ‘Hey, I see you went to Leeds Arts Uni…’.

What did you do straight after leaving University?

Interning at DAZED in-between the second and third year put me in good stead for the future of work as well as helping to inform my intentions after graduating. It can be difficult to convey what life post-BA is like, leaving brings a series of life and career decisions that must intertwine. My selection of these decisions (Leeds to London plus Tech) came to fruition eventually after six months. Although experience can be gained from all jobs, it’s important to get yourself into a position where you don’t have to take a first job you’re not terribly excited about, hold tight!

Could you tell us a little about how your typical day might look?

WIRED has, and always will be, a great deal more than Steve Job’s fashion sense (8/10) , Elon Musk’s next endeavour or Jeff Bezos’ quest for world domination (incoming). We can publish five to six articles a day, creating and commissioning art across WIRED; the tech, science, culture, business and politics channels are a highlight. WIRED Video grants the opportunity to investigate technology’s effect of some of the world’s most pressing immediate and long-term problems; COVID-19, Quantum Computing, Sustainable Energy and Surveillance. WIRED Events connect our readers with a selection of leading thinkers in healthcare, business, finance and retail as WIRED Consulting connects some of the world’s most exciting companies with insights into the future of their industry.

If the stories, opinions and features weren’t so interesting, it would be difficult.

Do you have any tips or advice for current students or recent graduates wanting to work in your field?

I was lucky to have a strong idea of the career I wanted, this isn’t always the case, there is no guidebook and things are always changing, but it can become evident quickly when you’re not in the right career.

When pressed, my most profound soundbite would be that it’s so important to be able to translate your ideas into reality, being technically proficient across several elements (Design, Typography, Animation, Image-making) allows you to execute and communicate your own ideas completely. This wide range of skills can help finding your voice as a creator more easily and help you become a better team player!

Finally, are there any future projects in the pipeline you can tell us about?

I’m holding out for a fellow alumni with an idea for the next Amazon to message ‘Hey, I see you went to LAU…’