Edie Crosland-Wood, studied BA (Hons) Creative Advertising graduating in 2017, she is now a Junior Art Director with creative agency Initials.

After exhibiting with the University at D&AD and participating in The Pitch 2017, Edie has been working as an Art Director at Initials in Central London for over a year. She is the youngest hired intern with the agency thus far and secured her job soon after graduating. We caught up with Edie and asked her to tell us more about her time at University and what she is doing now:

Why did you choose to study Creative Advertising at Leeds Arts University?

I began the course due to accidentally wondering into Fabio’s talk about what the Creative Advertising course could and would offer future students. He explained no matter your passion, communicate it and utilise it to tell a story. I later changed my course of action and applied late emailing him in the hope he'd still offer me the opportunity of an interview.

Can you tell us a little more about your time here and how the course prepared you for your current role?

University has a plethora of offerings and distractions enabling us varied opportunities that, for a long time, I had watched go by. I singlehandedly allowed this to happen and will forever be grateful that my course leaders did not. The Creative Advertising course's number one priority is your portfolio because, in turn, the grade will come as will the job opportunities. The finish line was not our degree, because our tutors looked beyond this with the focus point being the potential our careers held. I also believe it’s worth mentioning the unprecedented contact time we were provided with our tutors, enabling us to continuously improve and refine our work. Advice was always accessible as was support.

Trips across seas, agency introductions, portfolio reviews, tutorials, workshops, countless pitches and briefs, these are what prepared me for my job. This is also the exposure that provided me with the drive I needed to achieve a role within one. The creative agency environment inspired me, as did the creatives within them.

Can you tell us a little about your average working day?

Every day is different, from product launches, castings, global toolkits, activations, early morning photoshoots, cross-category promotions, the list goes on. From making Gary Lineker look ridiculous for Walkers to heroing Senna’s achievements for McLaren. From Strongbow’s popup tattoo parlour to their Epic Entrances. Philips Shopper Marketing campaigns to Seriously cheddar campaigns for Lactalis. Again, the list goes on, as do the challenges the job throws at you on a daily basis and the impressive pace of progression you are able to make if you stick with it.