David Gasi was born in Moe (near Melbourne) Australia, 1977. He graduated from Leeds Arts University in 2011 with a First Class Degree BA (Hons) Graphic Design

David sadly died in 2016, the below interview was conducted in 2013. 

We asked David, what did you enjoy about your time at Leeds Arts University and how did the course help you in starting out professionally?

After leaving University David moved to Norwich where he completed an internship with The Click Design Consultants and then went on to work with Rachel Codling Design as a freelancer. Whilst studying at University, David identified the Netherlands as a country to work in and with that in mind he approached a few design studios and secured an internship at Das Buro in Rotterdam.

David was then offered a contract and worked as a Junior Graphic Designer for the company for a year, which gave him some excellent experience. He has since returned to Norwich, working freelance for a range of clients. Two recent projects include working with Phil Lee, an Oscar nominated sound designer to produce his website and identity and The Responsible Safari Co. a small Malawi based ethical eco–tourism company, producing print based marketing materials.

He has recently started a contract as a Junior Visual Designer at an experienced design consultancy based in Norwich, London and Singapore, assisting with their rebrand, which will be a fantastic challenge.

"As a mature student taking a risk re-training in a new discipline, I felt the support of both teaching staff and peers to be profoundly positive. I'd wanted to study graphic design when I was in secondary school, but lacked the confidence and self-belief to even apply for such a course of study. The course provided me with the opportunity to learn industry-standard practical skills, whilst developing a solid foundation to grow my design practice in both a creative and business sense. In short, the course gave me the skills and confidence to begin a new career in a very competitive industry."