Danny studied the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from 1999-2000 and went on to graduate from Central St. Martin’s. 

Now an established artist, illustrator & director, Danny has collaborated with brands such as the BBC, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mulberry, Louis Vuitton and Show Studio, and has shown solo exhibitions in London, Europe, Tokyo and New York.

This autumn he is shooting his first feature length film ‘Goldbricks in Bloom’ which he wrote earlier in the year. We caught up with Danny to ask him about his time at University and what life is like as busy creative with lots of plates spinning all at the same time!  

Can you tell us about what you remember about the Foundation Diploma at Leeds Arts University and how it helped you starting out professionally?

I remember how you didn't sit at desks for the first month or so. It kind of broke people down a bit.  I feel the course kept me grounded in many ways. Ego was always kept in check. It's easy for people to loose themselves in compliments when they start doing well, but really all it should ever be about is what you create.

Do you remember what kind of work you were making?

I was doing a lot of photography and writing my name places I shouldn't.

How would you describe your current work and interests?  

I work across a bunch of areas – pretty much all at the same time. However I suppose the main area for me right now is directing, films and commercials etc. It's an area I find the most challenging and therefore I get the most out of it when I complete a project. 

What achievements in your career to date are you most proud of?

I'm not sure. I’m just proud I can make a living from something I love doing.

Can you give us an insight in a typical working day/week?

I have no routines whatsoever, so I actually don’t have a typical work week. I travel a lot so when I’m home I tend to laze about. However I’m constantly ‘on’- I never stop working. At no point do I switch off. I can’t, I don’t need to. I basically watch films, write scripts, draw random pictures and make weird films with my friends all over the world. 

Do you have any advice for students who would like to follow in a similar career path to you?

Do what you love doing and stay focused. Even if you’re broke and living on spaghetti hoops, don't panic, stay focused. Find friends that compliment you and make you stronger.

Work together and make the most out of what you have. And in the words of Charles Bukowski, '"If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise don't even start''.

You can find links to all of Danny’s work on his website, from films to illustrations and information on his latest projects.