Christiana Bell graduated with a first class honours degree in BA (Hons) Fine Art in 2012.

As a practising artist Christiana’s work revolves around the exploration of photography and painting. Her work blurs the boundaries of these mediums in order to create new forms of 'Photographic Painting'. Within her practice she utilises various screen printing techniques, the exploration of paint, digital and film photography and her work is often made on a large scale.

Since graduating Christiana has achieved an awful lot. She left Leeds to move back home to London where she managed to secure an internship at the notorious Saatchi Gallery in October 2012. During her three months of internship she had the opportunity to give guided tours to the visiting public, meet Charles Saatchi himself, visit his collections and gain an amazing insight into the running of an internationally renowned contemporary art gallery. At the end of her internship, Christiana was offered a position to stay on as a Gallery Assistant. As well as this she has also secured work as a Gallery Assistant for the Serpentine Galleries, and is working within the brand new Serpentine Sackler Gallery, which opened to the public on the 30 September 2013. She is also acting as Research Assistant to Hans Ulrich Obrist at Serpentine Gallery.

Christiana is interested in pursuing a career in curation and arts management. Her work can be found on her Tumblr site