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Legal and Governance at Leeds Arts University

Our Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the governing body of the University, established in accordance with the University’s instrument and Articles of Government.

The Board of Governors normally meets 6 times during the year and is made up of 16 people. The majority of members are not employed by the University, and are known as independent members, but the Board does include representation from the staff and student bodies. The Board is responsible for determining the University’s educational character and mission and for overseeing its activities, including ensuring effective and efficient use of our resources and the framework for pay and conditions of our staff.

The Board of Governors is supported by an Audit Committee, a Remuneration Committee, a Search Nominations Committee.

Membership of the Board of Governors:
  1. John Finnigan, Independent Governor, Chair of the Board of Governors

  2. Professor Patsy Cullen, Independent Governor, Deputy Chair of the Board of Governors. Chair of the Remuneration Committee

  3. Zainab Nadeem, Students’ Union President and Student Governor ex officio

  4. Nikki Davis, Independent Governor, Lead Governor for Further Education and Designated Governor with responsibility for child protection issues

  5. Ben Warden, Elected and co-opted Staff Governor

  6. James Lord, Independent Governor

  7. Sneha Khilay, Independent Governor, and Lead Governor for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  8. Professor Clare Pickles, Independent Governor with expertise in the provision of education and Senior Independent Governor

  9. John Gribbon, Independent Governor

  10. Professor Simone Wonnacott, Vice-Chancellor and Governor ex officio

  11. Reader Mykaell Riley, Independent Governor, Chair of the Search and Nominations Committee

  12. Noelle Rumball, Independent Governor. Chair of the Audit Committee

  13. Richard Dawson, Independent Governor, Lead Governor for Finance

  14. Lisa Green, Independent Governor

  15. Reece Ogden, Elected Student Governor

Contact us

The Clerk to the Board of Governors is Joan Matthews, contactable at

Charitable Status

Leeds Arts University is an exempt charity under the Charities Act 2011. This means that we are subject to charity law, but we are not required to register with the Charity Commission. The Office for Students is designated as the principal regulator for exempt charities in the HE sector. The Office for Students is responsible to the Charity Commission for its compliance objectives under charity law.

Legal title

The legal name of the institution, principal place of business and address for correspondence is:

Leeds Arts University
Blenheim Walk


Governing Documents

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Electoral Registration

Under Regulatory Advice 11 from the Office for Students, requests from Electoral Registration Officers are to be directed to the Compliance Officer at Leeds Arts University will respond to such requests taking into account its commitments to data protection legislation.

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