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Photography alumna documents Leeds in upcoming RRB Photobook

BA (Hons) Photography

Leeds Arts University BA (Hons) Photography alumna Hannah Platt will launch her new photobook 'Nosey Parker' through RRB Publishing in October 2022, including a foreword by renowned British documentary photographer and photojournalist Martin Parr.

Nosey Parker is the inaugural title of Platform, a new publishing project by RRB Photobooks aiming to support emerging voices in British Documentary Photography. The project draws on the photographic legacy of RRB's existing catalogue to take part in writing the documentary tradition of the future.

Platt’s work celebrates the everyday. Fleeting beauty, bold type, golden sunrises, and stand-out shop fronts wink to the charm and wit of a very British land. In every nook and cranny, Platt captures the mundanity of our lives with an appreciation for the people and places, of Leeds and beyond.

Platt has lived in Leeds for over a decade, we asked her what it was about the city that inspired this project, “Leeds is full of everchanging character,” she says “it makes for a very captivating narrative for my work. I'm always up and out at the crack of dawn to catch the quiet peaceful glowing moments that others may miss, I'm really drawn to golden light and long strong shadows which are only caught early on, or at golden hour. I find it incredibly difficult to ignore that time of day.”

In Nosey Parker Platt revisits photographer Peter Mitchell's Leeds and surrounding cities five decades after Mitchell first picked up a camera. Mitchell’s work clearly resonates with Platts work in Nosey Parker; Platt was introduced to the photographer’s work in 2012 during her Photography degree at Leeds Arts University (then Leeds College of Art). She was lucky enough to spend time with Mitchell and was introduced to his ‘Scarecrow’s’ project. Platt goes on to say “he's influenced my work greatly, and how I approach Leeds. If you ever get the chance to hear Peter talk about his work and his practice, jump at it - he's got a real skill for holding a crowd and telling spontaneous tales of his time.”

"Hannah’s love for Leeds is clearly apparent in this uplifting and beautiful book. Her inquisitive nature, keen eye for the overlooked in addition to her humour and warmth, seeps through these colourful depictions of our great city.”

Maria Allen, Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) Photography

The book includes a foreword by Martin Parr, whose work on Peter Mitchell's title Strangely Familiar focused the world's lens on the city of Leeds, inspiring the tradition Platt's work seeks to continue.

Platt gifted Peter Mitchell a copy of her last, self-published project 'Out of Order'- a playful collection of photos taken up and down the country but mostly in Leeds. She says that the book came out of a “photography hiatus” after the national lockdown, continuing that “I needed a new project to get my teeth into, and Out of Order was just that. On the back of that release I was gaining new followers and a bit more of attention.” It was through ‘Out of Order’ that the RRB fell upon her work.

Nosey Parker will launch at BOP 2022, the annual photobook festival from Martin Parr Foundation and The Royal Photographic Society. This year BOP will take place 8-9 October 2022 and will be held across the MPF gallery, RPS House and the Paintworks Event Space, Bristol.

The Leeds launch takes place at Colours May Vary on Thursday 13 October 2022.

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