News / 16 Feb 2022

MA Photography alumni exhibits work and publishes book

MA Photography

MA Photography alumni Jill Boyd exhibits and publishes a book of her photography. 

Jill's book, Hidden in Plain Sight, reflects the concept of hidden disability for the artist who is neurodiverse / autistic. It is an exploration of identity and perception, using original prose written by the artist, to connect with others who may identify as hidden. 

To coincide with the release of her book, Jill also exhibited her photography at Swarthmore Exhibition Centre during February this year.  

Jill is a staunch believer that photography is for everyone, and all photographs exhibited in this exhibition were taken with a mobile phone only. This includes all editing, ordering of prints on material and a subsequent book. The underlying theme of accessibility and hidden disability runs throughout the work. 

"I've always used my creativity to have a voice when I felt I had none or needed to process experiences. Inspired by the  photographer Claude Cahun extensively, as well as others (often women artists) this activism for inclusion and equality developed significantly during my MA Photography course at Leeds Arts University. It wasn't easy as an autistic student and I was probably a pain in the arse at times when I challenged how and why things were occurring whilst developing my creative practice, but it gave me the confidence to publish the book I had been working on and exhibit my work as a professional photo artist. The book hopefully resonates with those 'hidden in plain sight' knowing that they are noticed, heard and valued. It's my legacy."

Jill Boyd, MA Photography

The photobook and exhibition was the product of work undertaken whilst the author was studying for an MA in Photography at Leeds Arts University. 

You can buy Jill's book here.


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