News / 19 Dec 2023

Games Master visits MA Worldbuilding with Creature Design students

MA Worldbuilding with Creature Design

MA Worldbuilding with Creature Design were visited by Games Master Drew Murray of Master Tier Gaming, for a talk on how he has turned his passion for roleplay games into a successful career.

Drew Murray is a professional Games Master, running a large variety of roleplay gaming systems, with over 20 years of experience in the role. He is the founder of Master Tier Gaming, a roleplay gaming service for in-person and online gaming.

Role Play Games (RPGs) are social events based around group storytelling and theatre of the mind. This talk gave our MA Worldbuilding with Creature Design an insight into exciting alternatives for their creative careers. As Drew explained, the industry has expanded far beyond Dungeons & Dragons, and is a medium of expression that is ever growing. As creatives specialising in worldbuilding and creature design a viable and exciting career exists in the industry, working in games design, games art, working as writers, designers or illustrators.

Drew referenced growing research suggesting that more people are living with Aphantasia (an inability to create visual images in the minds eye) than previously assumed. This provides a wealth of opportunities for the worldbuilders of the future to work as designers and illustrators adding to the richness and improving the accessibility of the gaming experience.

Drew’s final piece of advice for students wanting to feel fulfilled by their chosen career path was to start as soon as they can, taking opportunities to build portfolios, make contacts and take on new experiences wherever possible. The session ended with a game of Dungeons & Dragons lead by Drew.

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