News / 31 Jan 2023

Digital Fashion graduate exhibiting at London and New York Digital Fashion Week

MA Digital Fashion

MA Digital Fashion graduate Estelle Pearce has been selected to showcase her work at Digital Fashion Week New York and London Fashion Week.

Estelle is a 'Phygital' (physical plus digital) Designer and Creative Pattern Cutter with over 15 years experience in the fashion industry, working in Couture, high-end, and high street markets. She uses digital environments to push her creativity and explore sustainable solutions.

“I am thrilled to have been selected to show AiEvolution, my latest digital collection of six digital garments available as exclusive AR experiences, NFTs, and a digital wearable, working with another designer who is creating exclusive content for the event. My practice has allowed for connections and collaborations with others in the digital fashion space all helping to push my creativity and enabling further explorations of digital technologies.”

Estelle Pearce

Epic Games are hosting the two-day phygital event, a collaboration between Mad Global and Digital Fashion Week New York, during London Fashion Week 2023. Estelle’s AR designs and animation will be shown on Saturday 18 February at Epic London Innovation Lab.

Estelle’s collection launched at Digital Fashion Week NY: The Fashionverse, 9 – 11 February live in New York City.  This is the second time Estelle has been featured by Digital Fashion Week New York, her collection ‘Rythyms’ was included in Fashion Week 2022: Into the Metaverse, an immersive physical and digital experience.

"AiEvolution is an experimental digital collection that draws from the power of Ai creation to test realisation and pattern-cutting skills, crafting pieces that stand out rather than conform to traditional notions of clothing with each design having its own unique personality.”

Estelle Pearce

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