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BA (Hons) Creative Writing students to perform at Leeds Poetry Festival

BA (Hons) Creative Writing

BA (Hons) Creative Writing students Alex Callaghan and Anna Brizzolara will perform at this year's Leeds Poetry Festival.

Leeds Poetry Festival is a week of poetry and spoken word workshops, live performances and collaborative events taking place at Left Bank, Hyde Park Book Club and Leeds Art Gallery.

Alex is "incredibly proud" to have been asked to perform.

"I've been attending and performing at Leeds Poetry Festival's open mics for the past year and it's awesome to feel a part of such a lovely community."

Alex Callaghan, BA (Hons) Creative Writing student

Alex will also be performing at the Ilkley Literature Fringe Festival on 11 August.

When asked what other projects she has planned for the future, Alex says: "As well as continuing performing and writing poetry, I want to continue working on a script I started this year so I'm just keeping creating and pushing myself further."


Toad in a Tophat by Alex Callaghan

I have been assailed

By a toad in a top hat

From first I saw them astride on my lawn,

Their eyes scowled sinister,

Dictating in miniature,

That no more shall mow 

On the grass I am on,

Now I've been polite,

But they've sat there from spite,

As if times stopped,

Although it is linear

So I'm stuck in my flat

As they sit in their hat,

A gentleman toad all oblivious 


Leeds Poetry Festival is on from 1-7 August 2022. Alex Callaghan and Anna Brizzolara will be performing at Left Bank on 7 August. 

Download the programme here to find out more information.

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