News / 11 May 2023

BA (Hons) Animation students fly to Lille to collaborate on large scale animation

BA (Hons) Animation

Students took part in a video mapping workshop, organised by Rencontres Audiovisuelles, in collaboration with the City of Wallers-Arenberg.

This is the second year a video mapping animation workshop has been hosted at the Arenberg Creative Mine. Our animation students collaborated with students from other Universities across France, Germany, Costa Rica, Spain and the UK, staying on the site of the mine for two days and evenings to create a eye-catching video map: a themed animation to be projected onto a building.

Adam Cadwell, Senior Lecturer on our BA (Hons) Animation course, tells us of the event:

"The workshop for the video mapping festival took place in a converted mining building in the quiet town of Arenberg, near the city of Lille. There were no nearby shops or bars or cafes, no distractions. For 12 hours a day for four days straight two of our students worked alongside students and creatives from all over Europe, and some from as far as Costa Rica, to create unique animations for the festival."

"I was impressed at their dedication and enthusiasm and how they overcame technical considerations and language barriers to convey their ideas through their work."

Adam Cadwell, BA (Hons) Animation Senior Lecturer

Students were able to see the results of their hard work during the rest of the festival. Their animation was projected onto the side of one of the municipal buildings in the city of Lille.

Adam recalls:

"The following weekend saw the city of Lille transformed into a giant gallery with artwork and animations projected onto numerous buildings such as the Art Museum, Opera House, the Art Deco Train Station and many others. And in one section of the city a grand archway was the canvas for the hard work from the workshop. It was a pleasure to see these young animators from all over the world raise a glass, hug and beam with pride as their work played for the whole city to see. To see my students amongst them was a moment of pride for me as well."

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