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Animation graduate wins award at British Animation Film Festival 2024

BA (Hons) Animation

BA (Hons) Animation graduate Liam Wilson won the Best 3D Animation Award at the British Animation Film Festival (BAFF) in London for his film ‘Washed Up’.

The BAFF aims to highlight the best in British and International animated entertainment and is an incredible opportunity to meet some of the brightest up-and-coming animators in the world and see the work they are producing.

"It was such an honour to have the film selected in the British Animation Film Festival down in the British Museum in London, and then for it to win Best 3D Animation 2024 was such a lovely surprise! We were thrilled to also be invited onstage for the filmmakers Q&A where we discussed the making of this short film. It was an amazing evening!"

Liam Wilson, BA (Hons) Animation graduate

Fellow BA (Hons) Animation graduate, Alex Thomas, worked on the character design for ‘Washed Up’ and collaborated with Liam alongside Frankie Statham.

"Alex and I used to attend the Manchester Animation Festival every year as part of our studies at Leeds Arts University, and we have kept going together since graduating. Events like that always leave us walking away inspired to make something, and that is exactly how this film started last year."

Liam Wilson, BA (Hons) Animation graduate

Liam continued, "We got excited to try and emulate a stop motion look but using 3D CG animation. It took about six months to complete and I was so proud of the result. After a handful of festival selections, the film is now online for all to see!"

Still image of a fish animation from Liam Wilson's Washed Up film

Washed Up (Animated Short Film)

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