News / 13 Dec 2023

Andy the Illustrator visits MA Worldbuilding with Creature Design students

MA Worldbuilding with Creature Design

The current MA Worldbuilding with Creature Design cohort were joined by Andy the Illustrator for an insightful talk of his time in the industry.

Andy the Illustrator is based in Nottingham, specialising in comic book covers, trading card/board games and concept art for animation and film. With over a decade of experience in the creative industry Andy has worked with a broad range of clients, including global brands and organisations such as Logitech, Sony, Akupara Games and Stone Sword Games.

Graduating in 2009, Andy spoke about his early experiences of finding the creative industries seemingly closed off and unwelcoming to ‘newbies’. However, he went on to say that over the past decade he has noticed a significant change and personally feels that there is a more open and friendly embracement being felt across the sector.

People aren’t just out for themselves anymore but willing to help others and that there is now a better understanding as to a shared view or ethos about a larger collective that enables, nurtures and supports others. He feels this is due in part to courses like the University’s MA in Worldbuilding with Creature Design and events such as Thought Bubble bringing together students, early career creatives and those well established in their field.

The students in attendance found the talk to be highly informative, with Andy’s words providing inspiration for their current projects and future within the creative industries.

"Leeds Arts University was a breath of creative fresh air during my visit. I was particularly impressed to see students given the opportunity to study such intriguing subjects that contribute significantly to their future careers in world-building. It was a pleasure for me to share my experiences and career journey with them."

Andy the Illustrator

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