The University has funds available through the Turing scheme to support higher education students undertaking work experience placements overseas. The funds are not means-tested - they are open to all, but there is an increased grant for those from disadvantaged backgrounds (defined as a household income of less than £25,000 per year). Why not travel, improve your language skills, gain work experience, and get paid too?

Placements must be between 1-12 months in duration. Placements can take place over the summer vacation or within your first year after graduation.

You are responsible for sourcing your own placement. 

Where you work and who you work for is up to you. You could work for a private or public company, in a school, for a trade union or in a non-profit organisation.

The funding is provided as a contribution to your costs. The grants are paid at a rate set by the Turing scheme and vary depending on which country you are working in. 

Please contact for more information and how to apply for funding!